Nov 25, 2013

Kamala Kheer (Orange Kheer)

When I decided to make recipes with orange for this theme I drought 12 oranges from the market. I thought they will be sweet but no they are really very sour and I can not eat them as it is. Then I thought of making pulihora and these sour oranges worked so very well for pulihora. Then my second recipe is a kheer with oranges. I was little scare to make kheer with this sour oranges. But when I peal the oranges surprisingly they are really very sweet and my kheer turned out really so delicious so let's check the recipe..
orange kheer INGREDIENTS:---
Milk  ----   1 ltr
Orange segments  ---  1 cup
Orange zest  ----  1 tab sp
Rice flour  or corn flour  ---  2 tab sp
Milk   ----   1 tab sp  to mix the flour
Cardamom powder  ---   1 tea sp
Sugar   ----   4 tab sp or according to your taste
1. Boil the milk in a wide pan for 20 minutes, while stirring continuously and scraping the sides of the pan.
3. Mix 1 tab sp milk with rice flour mix well and add this mixture to the boiling milk and cook for five more minutes, while stirring continuously.
4. Add sugar, cardamom powder mix well and cook in a medium heat for 2 more minutes and switch off the heat, let it cool completely.
5. Once the milk mixture is completely cooled then add orange segments and orange zest mix well.
Keep this orange kheer in the fridge to cool and serve chilled.
1. I used full cream milk you can substitute wit low fat milk
2. Using rice flour or corn flour to give the kheer thick texture
And orange zest will give a extra orange flavor to the kheer.
3. I gave 4 tab sp of sugar in the recipe you can substitute with sugar substitute or you can just skip the sugar, that also will taste great.
And one more thing is add orange segments after cool the milk mixture other wise milk will curdle so don't add orange segments when milk is hot.
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Nov 24, 2013

Kamala Pandu Pulihora (Orange Pulihora)

I have noted this recipe from a TV show. Because this month my theme fro last week is cooking with fruits. We have to cook three recipe using any one particular fruit. I have chosen Orange (kamala pandu )for this theme. Orange is my favorite fruit, specially Nagpur orange.

                                                          When I saw this theme in BM 34  first I thought of making recipes with pineapple. but when I saw this recipe in that TV show, I changed my ingredient to orange. Then i searched for the other two recipes so here is my first recipe with the theme of Cooking with fruits with Orange...
orangepulihora INGREDIENTS:---
Rice   ----  2 cups
Fresh orange juice (kamala pandu rasam) -- 1/4 cup
Orange zest ---   zest of one orange 
Salt to taste
Oil   ---  2 tab sp
Turmeric powder  ---  1/4 tea sp
Chana dal  ---   1tab sp
Peanuts ---- 1 tab sp
Cashew nuts ---  1 tab sp
Mustard seeds  ---   1 tea sp
Green chillies  ---  4 slit
Curry leaves    ----  few springs
Asafoetida   ---   1/2 tea sp
1. Wash rice and drain all the water and add four cups of fresh water cook till done. Or can cook rice in a pressure cooker for three whistles.
2. After few minutes open the lid and shift the rice in to a wide plate and spread the rice evenly to get cool.
3. Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds let them splutter then add peanuts, cashewnuts, chanadal, green chillies, curry leaves fry till peanuts turn in to golden then add asafoetida and turmeric powder give a good stir and switch off the heat.
4. Now add orange juice, orange zest, salt to taste mix well.
5. Add cooked rice to this and mix well to combine every thing
Serve hot
1. For this recipe use only fresh orange juice and that should be sour.
2. If you find your orange juice is not sour enough then you can add a tab sp of lemon juice to the orange juice.
3. If you use only orange juice you don't get a good flavor of orange in the rice, so that I aded orange zest to make the pulihora more orange flavor.
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